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  • Apple Jacks Chocolate Bar

    Apple Jacks Chocolate Bar


    Belgian White Chocolate with Apples Jacks Cereal

    Step into a morning memory with our Apple Jacks White Chocolate Bar, where playful cereal pieces cavort amidst creamy white chocolate.

  • Apple Pie Chocolate Bar

    Apple Pie Chocolate Bar


    Polkadot x Glo 5G Belgian White Chocolate with Dried Pie Crust and Apples (NO THC, Only Mushrooms. All chocolate bars contain only Mushrooms.)

    Savor the nostalgia of homemade apple pie with Polkadot’s Special Edition Apple Pie Chocolate Bar, blending creamy Belgian white chocolate with crunchy dried apples and buttery pie crust, finished with a 5G dose of ✨🍄.

  • Classic Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar


    Classic Belgian Milk Chocolate (Gluten Free)

    Revel in pure elegance with our Classic Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar. The gluten-free silky smoothness of premium milk chocolate is a timeless journey of taste, offering a comforting chocolate embrace.

  • Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar


    White Belgian White Chocolate with Oreo Cookies

    Dive into a cookie dream with our Cookies & Cream White Chocolate Bar, where Oreo morsels are lovingly cradled by creamy white chocolate.

  • Frosted Flakes Chocolate Bar


    Belgian White Chocolate with Frosted Flakes Cereal

    Savor the sweet crunch with our Frosted Flakes White Chocolate Bar, where sugary cereal flakes find a tender home in luscious white chocolate.

  • Godiva Strawberries Chocolate Bar


    Belgian Dark Chocolate with Strawberries (Vegan)

    Delight in a field of sweetness with our Godiva Strawberries Dark Chocolate Bar, where the blissful dance of ripe strawberries and dark chocolate enchants your palate.

  • Gummy Bears Chocolate Bar


    Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar with Hazelnut (Gluten Free)

    Embrace Whimsy With Our Gummy Bears Milk Chocolate Bar. This Gluten-free Creation Is A Playful Parade Of Soft Gummy Bears Nestled Within A Bed Of Smooth Milk Chocolate, Delivering A Unique Textural Delight.

  • Lucky Charms Chocolate Bar


    Belgian White Chocolate with Lucky Charms Cereal

    Experience enchantment with our Lucky Charms Chocolate Bar. Belgian white chocolate meets real Lucky Charms pieces, creating a delightful blend of sweetness where whimsical cereal shapes frolic amidst a creamy Belgian white chocolate wonder.

  • Milano Chocolate Bar

    Milano Chocolate Bar


    Dark Belgian Chocolate with Vanilla Cookies

    Step into a European dream with our Milano Dark Chocolate Bar, where crunchy vanilla cookies embark on a romantic journey amidst waves of sumptuous dark chocolate.

  • Mr. Mushies Cereal Milk


    Mr. Mushies Cereal Milk Swiss Chocolate  🥣🥛 (4G)


    Experience the joy of childhood mornings with Mr. Mushies Swiss Chocolate Cereal Milk Bar. Crafted with creamy Swiss chocolate and real Fruity Pebbles pieces, each bite offers a delicious fusion of nostalgic cereal milk flavor and fruity sweetness.

  • Mr. Mushies Classic Milk


    Mr. Mushies Classic Milk Chocolate (4g)

    Enjoy the timeless delight of a Mr. Mushies Classic Milk Chocolate Bar, crafted to perfection for a rich, creamy indulgence. It’s the perfect balance of smooth sweetness in every bite

  • Mr. Mushies Cookies & Cream


    Mr. Mushies Cookies & Cream (4g)

    Experience creamy white chocolate fused with crunchy cookies and Oreo bits in Mr. Mushies Cookies & Cream Bar. It’s a delightful blend of sweetness and crunch in every bite.

  • Mr. Mushies Orange Creamsicle


    Mr. Mushies Orange Creamsicle 🍊 (4G)


    Experience the nostalgic taste of an Orange Creamsicle with this Mr. Mushies Swiss White Chocolate Bar. Infused with the refreshing flavors of orange and creamy vanilla, it’s a delightful blend of citrusy sweetness and velvety smoothness, reminiscent of summertime treats.

  • Mr. Mushies Oreo Bar


    Mr. Mushies Oreo Chocolate (4g)

    Delve into indulgence with Mr. Mushies Oreo Milk Chocolate Bar, a decadent blend of rich milk chocolate infused with irresistible Oreo crunch. Elevate your snacking experience with every delicious bite.

  • Mr. Mushies Smore’s Bar


    Mr. Mushies Smore’s Bar (4g)

    Experience the essence of campfire nostalgia in Mr. Mushies S’mores Milk Chocolate Bar, harmonizing rich milk chocolate with gooey marshmallow and crunchy graham cracker. It’s the perfect blend of fireside flavors in every delightful bite.

  • Mr. Mushies Strawberry Shortcake


    Mr. Mushies Strawberry Shortcake Bar (4g)

    Indulge in Mr. Mushies White Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate Bar, a luxurious fusion of luscious white chocolate, tangy strawberries, and delicate cake-like notes. Each bite is a delicious symphony of flavors.