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We specialize in creating delightful Sickodot mushroom bars and scrumptious gummies that brighten every occasion. Our passion for whimsical designs, exceptional flavors, and quality ingredients make our treats a magical experience for chocolate and candy lovers everywhere. Discover the enchanting world of Sickodot bars.

About Sickodot Mushroom Chocolate
Sickodot Mushroom Chocolate is a new shroom bar that is making wave in the psychedelic mushroom industry. Though still a new comer it is already competing with several more established brands such as polkadot and dream mushroom bars

Sickodot Chocolate mushroom bars have over 6 flavors. This is definitely a first in the mushroom chocolate world for a new brand to have bars with different mushroom content. Not only that our bars are of the highest quality in the market. That is both the quality of the chocolate used and the potency of the strains used. Aurora is a California based brand with headquarters in Atlanta.

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